About Kat

My name is Kathryn Brannen and I, at the age of 29, am doing what most people only dream of – I quit my 9-5, am selling my house, my car and everything I own (minus still too many clothes) and am moving to Hawaii! More specifically, I’m headed to the Garden Isle of Kauai and, from what I’ve heard from anyone I’ve spoken with who has visited the islands (nope – I’ve never been; yep – I’m going blindly), it’s the most beautiful of them all.

As this is the opportunity of a lifetime and all of my friends & family are insanely jealous of me (their words, not mine!), I’ve been urged to blog about my experiences so that everyone can keep up with my adventures and live vicariously through me. Not to mention, I think it’ll be nice to have an archive of my time as young, bold, adventuresome 30 something once I’ve moved back to the mainland and settled down (yeah right – we all know I’m gonna fall in love with that island and never want to leave!). So whether 100 people, 10 friends or just my mom reads this – feel free follow my journey and share in my adventures! Aloha!

Also – if you’d like to SEE more, follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @katbrannen!