The One With the Ballistic Missile

Ok so it’s been since October that I’ve written a post. I’m aware, I’m acknowledging it, and I’m moving on 🙂

Let me just tell you all how thankful I am. I’m sure your assumption is that my thankfulness is obviously for this cool-as-crap life that I’m living here in paradise. While that is true, I really want the world to know how thankful I am for my salvation. I have, of course, been thankful for that since I asked Jesus into my heart as a little girl. But you don’t REALLY realize the magnitude of that decision until you’re faced with a situation in which you think you may be experiencing its results much sooner than expected.

In case you haven’t heard… everyone in the state of Hawaii received a notification alert to their phone this past Saturday morning a little after 8:00 am that looked like this (just disregard those ESPN alerts):


Imagine receiving something like that! Of course all of the instinctual thoughts start running through your head – “Is this real?” “What does shelter mean?” “Is there a bomb shelter here that the locals didn’t tell me about?” “Should I cover myself with my mattress?” “Do I have time to enjoy one last Dr. Pepper?” – OK maybe that last one is just me. Then the texts start coming in from my group chat with all my friends here. Naturally we’re all concerned, but none of us have cable to turn to a television new source. But after just a couple of minutes, each of us started to individually confirm that this was going on everywhere. People were asking on Facebook what to do, there were alerts broadcasting on every single radio station; this. was. happening. I decided to shut all my windows and doors (which are usually all open to the screens since I live in HI with no air conditioning) just in case this missile didn’t hit directly. And then I called my parents…

“Good morning Sweetie, how are you?” – Dad (even though it’s afternoon for him, he always answers with the appropriate greeting for my time of day… one of the little things he does that I love)

“Ummm. I’m alright right now but I might not be soon… Have you heard anything about a missile headed my way?” – Me

Then, of course, the “What?!” with tons of questions and immediate googling ensues. I won’t bore you with the rest of the minute-by-minute, but it was quite some time before we received confirmation that it was a mistake and someone (who I’m sure will be losing their job) had “pushed the wrong button.” 38 minutes later to be exact.

My parents made a comment after the dust settled a bit about how calm I was through the whole thing. I didn’t even give it a second thought and immediately knew it was because of my faith. Although I obviously would have preferred not to have been blown out of the pacific, I also knew that I LITERALLY had no control over the situation and there was nothing that I could do. And if Saturday, Jan. 13th 2018 was the day for me to go, I felt at peace with it because I KNEW where I was going.

HOW COOL IS THAT?! Seriously. Of all the millions of things I have to be thankful for, the thing that I am MOST thankful for is my salvation. The assurance that, when my time here on Earth is over, I’ll be spending eternity with God in heaven. If any of you aren’t sure that, if put in the same situation, you’d have the same sort of peace, feel free to reach out to me and I’d LOVE to talk to you about how you too can remain calm while a not real ballistic missile is headed your way! I am still happy to still be here on earth with you all though… especially because my family is coming to visit next month!

Anyway… to catch you up on the last couple of months… here are a few other things I am thankful for:

A fun Halloween here with new friends:IMG_9106

This view of my town from the Sleeping Giant mountain hike that’s pretty much in my backyard:


My first visitors from the mainland:


Getting to see these guys all the time!:


My very best friend giving up Thanksgiving with her family to come spend the week with me:

A day out of the classroom for a field trip with these kiddos:


Getting to see this every day just driving to my house:


Students who care enough about me to try to make me feel at home:


Getting to go home to Atlanta for Christmas break and being greeted at the airport with these signs by the best parents in the world:IMG_0028

Seeing all my extended family at Christmas and getting to play babysitter for a bit for the cousins:


Catching up with some former students, now friends, who are killing it in their first year of college:


Being able to come back to this view (this is literally just driving down the hill I live on into town):


The ability to cheer on my Dawgs from 4,500 miles away (next year the Ship is ours!):


A never-ending stream of fresh fruit just showing up on my porch thanks to John, our groundskeeper:


Technology that allows me to see my girls at any time (and my parents who are caring for them):


And spending the rest of the “Ballistic Missile Alert of 2018” day at this gorgeous spot:


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