The One Where I Wish Fall Break Was Every Week

As of a couple of days ago, I have officially been in Kauai 3 months. THREE MONTHS. Some days that seems crazy but, for the most part, it feels like I’ve been here way longer than that. I’m settled and have great friends and am loving life, so it’s crazy to think that it’s only taken me 3 months to get to get to this point.

We’re already done with our 1st quarter at school and last week was our Fall Break. Everyone knows the breaks are the best part about teaching, and if any teacher you know tries to tell you the best part is making a difference in children’s lives they’re lying to ya (just kidding; we do it for da kids… but the breaks are a pretty sweet part of the deal)! I decided to spend my break (and my three month anniversary with Kauai) on Oahu. One of the things I want to make sure I do while I’m on this island is take advantage of my proximity to all the other Hawaiian islands and explore, explore, explore! And it was A BLAST!

I flew over (and by flew I mean puddle jumped on an 80 person plane and the flight took 25 minutes) with my friend Chloe and we stayed with a friend of hers who we aptly named “Tour Guide Ciera” because she literally kept us busy with activities the whole week. Our pattern every day was pretty much: Hike then beach (with some eating and drinking thrown in there as well).

The first day we were there we hiked a not-so-legal trail to a beautiful waterfall and then played around in a little jump off area into a spring at the bottom. Then we drove north to hike the pill boxes and saw an incredible view of the entire North Shore. Yes- you read that right: two hikes in one day. What was I thinking getting friends who are so active? After sufficiently wearing ourselves out, we got some food truck burritos and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Waimea Jumping Rock beach. Here we jumped off this huge boulder that sticks out in the ocean and then hung out for the sunset. I got some GoPro videos of the jump off, but I’ve got to figure out how to get them up here first. Sorry – stills will have to do πŸ™‚

The next day we did the mother of all hikes: KoKo Head. This trail was an old military railroad that went up to the top of a steep mountain and you’re literally climbing the tracks to the tops. It was exhausting as crap but the views at the top were insanely worth it… that is until the breathtaking sights wore off long enough for this fearer of heights to realize that the only way down was the way we came up. That’s when the anxiety hit. Through a lot of prayer and only looking down at my next step (not out at my imminent sudden death), we somehow made it back down and treated ourselves with a trip to Target. Oh man have I missed Target. Sidenote: when you move to an island that doesn’t have a lot of the luxuries you’re used to, you miss them exactly as much as you think you’re going to. I actually find myself having to purposefully NOT think about Zaxby’s on the reg. Anyway, more beach that afternoon and then into Honolulu for dinner:

The next day was spent all over the island… we went from Mermaid Cave, to yet another not-so-encouraged hike up a mountain to this cave thing (literally, I was like climbing rocks – my friends are trying to kill me I think), to Electric beach for snorkeling and then dinner out that night. It was a super fun day and, yet again, super active.

Our final full day was just spent relaxing on a beach (probably because my friends were tired of me complaining how out of shape I am) and enjoying the turquoise Oahu waters. We also went out that night to this awesome place called RumFire in downtown Honolulu and had a great last night with some really cool people! All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better fall break. I’m continuously grateful for this experience that I’ve been blessed with and will keep doing my best to savor every moment!

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  1. Delee Steen says:

    Thanks Kathryn for sharing all your adventures with me. I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful pictures. What a wonderful experience you’re having. You will have memories to last a lifetime.


  2. Wendy says:

    AWESOME photos and memories. Just soooo excited for you and this lifetime adventure. Life your spirit and sense of adventure. Can’t wait to hear more!!!!!!

    Love you to pieces –
    Wendy πŸ’œ

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